Oh Daddy!


Happy Friday!

Just wanted to let you all know that another book has dropped!:


Lynn hasn’t seen a cool glass of water like Betty in far, far too long. Will her own Butch Code of Conduct keep her from sampling the waters or will she finally let her guard down enough to make up for lost time?

Betty is used to the ogling and lewd behavior of some of her clients but when Lynn walks in, all previous bets and bras are off.

Warning: Explicit butch/femme sex.


You can get your copy from either Amazon or Smashwords.

Oh yes!  Make this a nice long sizzling weekend Smuffins – get your copy today!


Love & Kisses,


New Book: Coming Soon!


Yes, you heard me right!

Another book will soon land in your happy little hands … when?! – SOON! 🙂

Until then, I will leave you all with a tiny snippet:

Lynn stood up, allowing her work pants to barely cling to her hips now that her shirts and binder were off.  A thrill ran through her as Betty began to moan her appreciation for all her hard hours at the gym.  She felt timid fingers trace the faint outlines of her abs, accentuating the curve of her hips.  The beast inside her belly leapt as she felt those same fingers tug at her belt and zipper.  She instinctively reached for Betty’s raven locks and ran her fingers through them, savoring the slow care that she took in undressing her.


Hot! Tooooo hot!  I think the “love scene” in this one is at LEAST four pages – and it’s not even half over yet!

You can’t handle this – you think you can handle this?!

Let me get back to it in case you change your mind!

In a while,