Sophie: Now LIVE!


The publishing fairies have been merciful 🙂

Sophie: Love Found is now LIVE:


Sophie Betancourt has it all: comfortable wealth, good looks and the envy of men and women alike. But when a violent encounter with a particularly possessive partner shakes her world upside down, She begins to wonder if what she’s been relying on is enough.

When bookworm Carol Madras enters Sophie’s world at the point of crisis, the two begin to forge a friendship that could turn into something more. Can love be found where pain once lived?

Warning: Explicit sex

I am excited and relieved that things went off without a hitch!

The story is longer (28 pages according to Amazon) but just as juicy, with titillating scenes that will leave you panting for more!

Can you handle it Smuffins?!

Keep an eye out for my giveaway!

Love & Kisses,


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