Lesbian Erotic Writing – What It Is and What It Means To Me

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Hey Guys!

I was ruminating the other night about the smut, porn, erotica that I write for you guys and what it means to me.  I know – this shouldn’t be one of those questions that keeps me up at night but what can I say?  It did keep me up and this write up is what I have to show for it.

When I began this lesbian erotica journey almost a year ago, I was honestly in it just for the money.  I read so many online forums and stories of folks making a living off of writing smut that I decided, why not?  I would give it a try and see how far I could go – it wouldn’t cost me much more than my time and imagination.  And anyway, how difficult could it be to write about two women getting it on?  Seriously.

But here I am, months later and I have to say, writing erotica, specifically lesbian erotica is not what I thought it would be.  I think I expected to find smart, well written, well thought out characters and situations.  I think I expected to be slowly (or roughly if that’s what I was looking for) seduced by the author’s words into getting my rocks off.  I was more than eager to sample various writings along the way and simultaneously make my mark.  I was excited to be a working author and to join the lesbian erotic writer’s in the smut lit fray!

I laugh at myself now because I had NO CLUE that lesbian erotica was such a miniscule pool and that much of the writings out there would be geared towards men, written by women who weren’t lesbian or written by a man.  Now before you go clicking away, I am not a man hating lesbian – I love men, they are pretty awesome and not just as the other 50% of the baby making equation or for fixing things.  As a card carrying lesbian, I am not averse to the male physique.  I just have no inclination to have sex with a man or to marry one.  My surprise is really at how under-served the lesbian erotic genre is.

Before I get tarred and feathered, I have run across some lesbian erotica authors who are really good but by far that would seem to be the exception and not the rule.  So I got to thinking some more – what do I want my writing to be?  What does it mean to me?

I want my erotica to be smart, I want it to be genuine, I want it to be encompassing, I want it to move and delight whomever is reading it.  I want my writing to stir my readers and compel them to examine their own reasons into love making or fucking.  I want it to be good in the least and memorable in the long run.

Though its been some time since I last published for you guys (I’ve been unwell for some weeks – booo!!) I want the erotica that I write for you all to matter.

So tell me – what does lesbian erotica mean to you?  And why do you read it?

Love You, Mean It,


6 thoughts on “Lesbian Erotic Writing – What It Is and What It Means To Me”

  1. Hello Gillian. I’m also on a journey to discover what this means to me. Having thought I was in love several times (with another woman), I made some false starts where my short stories were criticised as ‘not containing enough sex’ and ‘too lovey-dovey’. Hell, that’s how lady-love felt to me at the time! I was being realistic! So I stepped it up a gear, got them to shed their clothes, but not just because ‘gosh, it’s hot in here Mary-Lou’. I wanted to write about two people who loved each other, trusted each other and dragged each other into scrapes. That evolved into one mischevous woman who dragged her shy partner into new and exciting sexy adventures – something which definitely seems to have hit the mark. I now have a publishing contract! My stories are not 100% girl-girl, something else I had to evolve…there’s always a man in them somewhere…but I always hope to retain that original flavour of love, trust and excitement.

  2. Hey I love erotic stuff even straight erotic I’m a lesbian myself I think erotic it just normal and makes us who we are it’s a way of us expressing how we feel and making another person feel good it’s not porn it’s art :);)

  3. Lesbian erotica was a dirty secret of mine… until last month. Now the lid is off and I’m writing, writing, writing. So I guess I’m not much of a reader… but what I value is suggestion, and the feelings have to come through so strong that the writing disappears. Know what I mean?

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