Her Damaged Convictions: Awakenings, Part 7 – 8/2/13

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Awesome news!

Her Damaged Convictions: Awakenings, Part 7 will be out this Friday, August 2, 2103!

Awkenings Part 7

 June expected a night filled with passionate love-making once back at Holly’s place.  But the cold reception after their wonderful evening leaves her a little more than confused.

Determined not to become one of Holly’s conquests, June sets out to steel her will against Holly’s games, until she learns that the only one begin played is her.

Unable to measure up to June’s fiery desire, Holly tries to make things up to June but soon finds that she is not the only person occupying June’s time.

This is the seventh part of the “Awakenings” series by lesbian erotica author, Olivia M. Hamilton, and is 11,000 words long.

Warning: Explicit Butch/Femme sex


“Where are my manners?  My name is Avery.”  She reached her hand out deftly, stroking the back of June’s own softly, then kissed it tenderly.  Her eyes deep, clear and smoldering met June’s gaze with desire.

June licked her lips and bit the bottom one in an effort to stop the orgasm that threatened to undo her.  She giggled nervously, “My name is June.”

Avery ran her finger along June’s jawline, watching as her eye lids began to lower half mast.  “How fitting.”

“Thank you.” June managed, rousing herself from Avery’s machisma. June sized up Avery from her short faded haircut down to her immaculately polished black shoes and felt drawn in.  Who was this woman and what kind of woodoo voodoo did she lay on her?!

Those few brief moments with Avery’s strong attentions left June feeling heady and she loved it!  She found herself imagining doing dirty things to and with this woman she had just met.  Maybe it was the drink, she thought, the new-to-her place, the dress, anything but the fact that this Avery woman could make her feel like she was feeling – hot, bothered and ready to go.


Yes!  I’ve been serious about finishing up this series for you Guys and about being consistent 🙂  This part is slightly longer and the spice factor is definitely ramped up!  It will not disappoint!

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Changes, Discounts and Updates – Oh My!

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I have a lot of things for you – so grab a cup of coffee and sit a spell!

First off – Part 7 (as yet unnamed) is progressing swimmingly.  I got a really great start with all my re-plotting and such.  I have officially gotten 1003 words – in TWO freakin’ hours!  Miracle of miracles!  I only stopped cause I had to get dinner (GF pesto pasta and chicken breast – it fills my hungry spot :::shrug:::). Proof below – cause it did happen (the writing… Didn’t think to snap a shot of my food cause this is lesbian erotica, not food porn.  That’s another blog…)

The series is just over 45,000 words and will probably be way over 80,000 by the time all is said and done.  So I am very optimistic that I will have part 7 in your hands before the end of July, this year! 🙂

Second – You guys (and those of you who are new – Welcome!!!) have been showing much love for  Her Fallen Intentions: Awakenings, Part 6!

Awkenings Part 6

My UK folks have continued to surprise me and have shown massive love and I thank you, thank you!!!  Someone (bless them!) has even bought the entire series!!  I was super excited by this 🙂  To that person – I *LOVE* you! lol

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Alright Guys, as always, I thank each and every one of you guys, your comments and the love you’ve shown me this past year.

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