Good Girl – The Quick & Steamy Collection

Hey Guys!

I am diligently working on Part 9 of the Awakenings series…

But I felt like busting lose and getting down and dirty – so I came up with the first of what I will be calling the Quick & Steamy Collection:

She said she loved getting home before I was done with my shower because that was the only time she got to hear me sing. Said my voice filled the bathroom, overflowed into our bedroom, where she could feel the air vibrating with my sorrow or happiness…

Good Girl, the first in the Quick & Steamy Collection of Lesbian Erotica author Lillian Bendover, offers quick, hot shorts that put readers right in the middle of the action! CAUTION: May be too hot to handle!


These erotic shorts are so down and dirty that I can’t even give them a blurb!  Just a PG part of the story!

For right now, I am offering it for FREE on Smashwords and Kobo.  Check with Amazon and B&N (unfortunately B&N doesn’t offer FREE books, sorry) in the coming days for the free versions with those eSellers.

Oh yeah – Amazon has it at 99¢ cause they won’t let me price things a 0.00 – so if you happen to run across this book for that price, do me a favor and click on that “Saw a lower price?” link on their respective page and hopefully they’ll price match it and have it free for all!!!

Good Girl is being downloaded like HOT CAKES!  As of this post, people have dowloaded 32 422 units on Smashwords alone!  Yipee!!

Grab yours and give it a once over – I’d really like to know what you think and if you’re so moved, consider leaving a review, it’ll make my heart super happy 🙂

Hope you enjoy this one guys – back to the salt mines with this Awakening series!  The end indeed is near!

Love You – I Mean It!

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