Hey Guys,

Things have changed.

While initiating and setting up these new digs, I tried to come up with some way to write about these changes.  But nothing felt right, except for the truth.  So I’ll just come out with it: Things weren’t working.

When I set out as Lillian Bendover (sigh), It was totally with no intention of it becoming a “thing”.  I figured that I’d write a couple of stories, publish a few of them, be a writer for a while and then call it quits.

It wasn’t until the Awakenings series grew legs (and actually got completed), that something inside clicked and I was like, “Hmmm, I think I’ve actually got something here…”

By then it was too late… because my prior, tongue in cheek pen name, had already been out for a while.  I mean, it would be insanity to try and switch gears at that point.  Right?! So I put my nose to the grind stone and went full steam ahead.  What was the worse that could happen?

Apparently A LOT!

I was finding that my writing had mellowed down from the triple-X rated smut I had been slinging, to more of an erotic romance vibe.  And so, when I tried to get my prior pen name into places where erotic romance lived, I would unceremoniously be shown the door.  My gag name was getting in my own way.

And so, with much thought and heartache, I decided the best thing was to re-group and switch gears.

Welcome to Olivia M. Hamilton…

Olivia is grown, Olivia is sexy, Olivia is hot.

Much of, (if not all of) my prior writings have been re-packaged and switched over to my new name.  The new site will help accommodate my growth as a writer and I hope is a lot easier to navigate for my readers.

I still have some things in the works, namely:

• a possible print book edition of the Awakenings series (along with a few giveaways to kick that off)

• another series in the works, called Passions, which is a branch off of Emma’s story, post Awakenings

• reviving the Quick & Steamy collection of shorts – less story, more hot

• making my stories available directly from my site, via PDF and other formats

… and that’s just to name a few.


I hope, dear Reader, that you stay with me through this transition and that you enjoy the ride that’s ahead.  It promises to be full of surprises if nothing else.

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As always,

Love you, Mean It,


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