The Day is Here – Awakenings Finale!

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The time feels like it has flown but finally, the day for the 10th and final Awakenings finale has arrived!

Her Sweet Dreams: Awakenings, Part 10 is LIVE:

Awkenings Part 10

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Returning from her home town, June thanks Holly for all that she has done to help her family and wonders if there might be a future together for the two of them.

But will crossing paths with an enraged and dangerous Emma cut that future short or will Holly come in time to June’s rescue once again?

This is the tenth and concluding part of the “Awakenings” series by lesbian erotica author, Olivia M. Hamilton, and is 9100 words long.

Warning: Explicit Butch/Femme sex


“I’m not going to let you kick me out again June! THAT’S ENOUGH!” June felt the heat of Emma’s breath on her face, felt the other woman’s spit land on her cheek as her biceps were held in a vice grip hold.

“You’re hurting me!” June shrieked, her mind wild with fear.

“Not as much as you’ve hurt me! Now you listen!!! – You wouldn’t return my calls – I forgave that. You had a one night stand and I forgave that too. Then you went away with that lawyer slut you work with for an entire week-” Emma’s face crumpled at this admission, the thoughts of June and Holly being together crushing her heart.

“No more June! I won’t take any more! I haven’t been with anyone since our… break…because I love you! I love you so much…and THIS IS WHAT YOU DO TO ME?!” Emma squeezed June’s biceps tighter as she pulled the frightened woman closer to her, screaming into her blanched face.
“Emma! You’re hurting me! Let go!” June shrank from the pain, lost in the anger directed towards her.



Stepping out into the cool night air, June snaked her arms around Holly’s waist, gripping tighter when she realized she had startled her.
“What are you doing up?”  Holly, embarrassed, removed her hand from the front of her pants and made to turn around but was stopped.

“I couldn’t sleep…just like you.”  June whispered into the small of Holly’s neck.

“I was just…”  Holly’s mind raced as she fought to find words.

“Why didn’t you come to my bed?”  June inquired, sounding hurt.

“You said you wanted to take it slow…  I didn’t want to treat you like I’ve treated every other woman in my life… You mean more.”  Holly’s voice, thick with desire, full of lust, struggled to leave her throat.  That she had been caught pleasuring herself by the woman she loved, made her feel small, dirty, ashamed.

“I’m sorry…”  June’s voice almost broke.  She felt selfish for not considering Holly all these weeks, for not thinking what all this could have been doing to her too.

“Sorry for what?”  Holly turned finally and was met by June’s full lips on hers.  Shock ran through her body, hardening her nipples.  Her mind couldn’t believe it, her arms refused to wrap around June’s body, for fear this was all a dream.

“I’m sorry, for making you think you would never be welcomed in my bed.”  Upon hearing this, Holly’s defenses crumbled and her hands traveled up June’s back, then down again.  Her fingers splayed against June’s plump derriere and squeezed both cheeks, hard.  The feel of their bodies against each other nearly made her cum.  Burying her nose in the crook of June’s neck, Holly inhaled deeply and still she didn’t feel close enough to the other woman.  Jagged exhales forced themselves out of her lungs as she gathered June in her arms and backed their bodies up against the nearest wall.

Wow – what trouble is this?!  Gotta get your copy to find out!!

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Who Says Tweeters Never Prosper?

Hey Guys!

The editing is done.

The cover is too.

Awkenings Part 6

Holly’s sabbatical winds up turning into a legal nightmare at the greedy hands of a desperate Agatha.  It is all Holly’s legal counsel can do to keep her and things together.

June’s nesting with Emma seems all well from the outside.  But Holly’s return to the office threatens to shatter Emma’s illusion of Happily Ever After.

This is the sixth part of the “Awakenings” series by lesbian erotica author, Olivia M. Hamilton, and is 7100 words long.

Warning: Explicit Butch/Femme sex


“Oh babe!  I’m so glad you called.  A really big case came in today – me and a few of the other girls are gonna have to pull an all nighter.”

“No June!”  Her sigh felt like a hot wet blanket through the phone and June regretted the lie almost as soon as it came out of her mouth.

“I know babe, I know.  I’ll have to make it up to you another time.  I haven’t been in on one of these cases in a long while – usually I have one of the other girls fill in for me but I can’t this time.  I’m sorry.”

“Alright, I guess I’ll just sleep over at my place tonight.  And that reminds me – when are we gonna speak about moving in with each other?  It’s such a hassle to keep two separate places when we’re always together anyway…”

“Emma, I told you I’m not ready to talk about that yet.  It’s a big decision and I don’t want to make it lightly.  I want to do what’s best for both of us, I don’t know exactly what that is right now.”

“Alright, alright!  We’re gonna have to talk about this eventually though.  I don’t see what the big deal is.”
“I’ll see you tomorrow babe.”

“Ok.  I love you… See you-” CLICK!  June hung up the phone before Emma made her say she loved her too.  Which she did, maybe.

June is looking pretty spiffy these days 🙂  And WHAT is going on between her and Emma?!  WHAT?!

This is gonna be juicy!

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Awesome abounds with this part 🙂  Hope you guys enjoy it!


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Awakenings… Part 6?!

Tis true, I’ve been working on it as promised… and here is a bit of what I have to show for all my hard work:

Emma placed her opened palms on either of June’s thighs, moving the bothersome material of the dress out of the way so that she could feel the warm tan colored skin underneath.  When she arrived at June’s hips, she pushed her firmly forward, making her bend slightly over the edge of the sink.  She waited as June moved the faucet all the way to the side before she continued.  She loved looking and touching June’s ass.  The way the skin was so smooth and tight, how it was so soft and could fill her hands aplenty.  Oh!  She was in heaven every time June allowed her this gift of lovemaking, these moments of fucking.  Fucking, because that was what she wanted this night.  She didn’t want to have to kiss any more tears of sadness or despair away from June’s cheeks and eyes, she didn’t want to have to console or coddle.  She wanted to re-meet the woman she had experienced a glimpse of that night she was invited up to the apartment. 

June stood on the tips of her toes, causing her rump to rear up.  She felt Emma’s hands take their time going over her ass.  She sighed, bracing her hands on the edge of the sink.  Though she wasn’t sure what Emma had in mind, in that moment she decided anything would be better than the numbness that always managed to fill her chest and her senses these days.  She closed her eyes, trying to stay in the moment when she heard a nearby drawer open and almost immediately felt cold metal against her hip.  She gasped, opening her eyes wide in terror, wondering if maybe she had been wrong about Emma all along.

“Shhhhh… don’t worry.  Relax.”  She heard Emma’s familiar voice, raspy and tight with desire.  June breathed deep, staring at the blank wall in front of her.  She felt the cold metal slip under the swatch of underwear material on her hip, then turn outward.  The pointy tip pushed into her plump hip, then sliced its way through the fabric, partially falling away, exposing her ass.  She fought the urge to reach down and grab the loose pieces and force them back together.  Instead she moaned, then sighed a deep, heavy sigh.  June felt Emma’s hand hold the material down against her hip to slice the other side.  A thrill curled inside the small of her belly and she felt faint for a moment or two.  She heard the knife clatter as it was returned to its drawer and felt Emma’s hands around her waist, urging her off the tip of her toes.  She dared not turn around until otherwise instructed.

I don’t think you guys will be disappointed in this part at all 🙂

A few more weeks and I’ll have this puppy nice and polished for you all!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments – what do you think of this excerpt?