Oh Daddy!


Happy Friday!

Just wanted to let you all know that another book has dropped!:


Lynn hasn’t seen a cool glass of water like Betty in far, far too long. Will her own Butch Code of Conduct keep her from sampling the waters or will she finally let her guard down enough to make up for lost time?

Betty is used to the ogling and lewd behavior of some of her clients but when Lynn walks in, all previous bets and bras are off.

Warning: Explicit butch/femme sex.


You can get your copy from either Amazon or Smashwords.

Oh yes!  Make this a nice long sizzling weekend Smuffins – get your copy today!


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Ready… Set…

I bring GREAT news!
Remember that Freebie I mentioned in my last post?!
Welps, that sucker is set to GO!

Mark Your calendars:  On Aug. 24 @12midnight – Aug.25 11:59pm, Sophie: love Found will be FREE!

I kid you not!

During the two day promo, click on this link to receive your FREE copy of Sophie: Love Found!

And while you’re there, check out my other available titles:

Get ready to celebrate your weekend Smuffins!!

Love & Kisses!!