Almost a year has gone by…

But as always, I bring good things 🙂

Check it out below:

Awkenings: Complete Box Set

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Follow the growing romance and strained sexual exploits of June Montgomery, the good girl from a small town and the no holds barred, handsomely beautiful big city attorney, Hollander Trudeau as they traverse the landscape of love, sex, power and desire.

The Complete Collection of the “Awakenings” series by lesbian erotica author, Olivia M. Hamilton is 79,100 words long and contains explicit Butch/Femme sex and female masturbation.

The Complete Collection includes all 10 titles in the Awakenings Series:

CHAPTER 1: Her Opened Eyes
CHAPTER 2: Her Sweetest Desire
CHAPTER 3: Her Sacred Passions
CHAPTER 4: Her Resilient Heart
CHAPTER 5: Her Seductive Affections
CHAPTER 6: Her Fallen Intentions
CHAPTER 7: Her Damaged Convictions
CHAPTER 8: Her Broken Spirit
CHAPTER 9: Her Restored Soul
CHAPTER 10: Her Sweet Dreams


I’ve combined all 10 parts of the Awakening series into one ebook.  Plans are in the works to get this story print book ready as well!

I don’t want to make promises, but there are a few other goodies in the making,  so sign up for the newsletter or check back here for more info!

I’ve missed you guys… a lot 🙂

Love You, Mean It!


I Don’t Say A Lot of Things…

Hi Guys…

I know – it’s way past February.

I could give you any varied and valid reasons on why it’s taken me so long to come back.


The most important thing is – I’m back, right?

Sort of.

I’m dipping my toe in as gingerly as possible.  A lot has happened in these past few months.

I still have my list of stories waiting for me to write them, I just have to get to writing them.  And I’m trying to get back on that track, so hang in there with me please 🙂

I have been experiencing Life® though… some of the sexy side of it – well entertaining a new to-me side of it.  The Daddi/Girl dynamic within the lesbian community to be exact.  It seems I have a heartfelt penchant towards it.  In other words, though I’ve never participated in it myself, I easily see how parts of my personality fit the Girl part of the dynamic.  Easily.

So, I’ve written a Daddi/Girl short.  I am still learning but I hope you all will indulge me.

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BabyGirl is in for an experience filled with new pleasures and reaching beyond her limits.

My eyes are wide with apprehension and arousal. The stern Daddi is coming out and I know there won’t be any straying from the rules. Every time I’ve managed to disobey her, she has found a way to forgive me, but tonight, will stand as my lesson.

Warning: Explicit (Butch) Daddi/(Femme) role-play sex, spanking, role-play. Trigger warning for those who have suffered sexual abuse.

Daddi’s Girl, the second in the Quick & Steamy Collection of Lesbian Erotica author Olivia M. Hamilton, offers quick, hot shorts that put readers right in the middle of the action!
CAUTION: May be too hot to handle!


It’s $1.99 – though it is a short, it is also a more hardcore material to write and definitely not for everyone.  Those who are in a Daddi/Girl lesbian dynamic will, I hope appreciate it.  Those who are curious, I hope will respect it.

Here is to writing again!  And I’m gonna be back sooner than later.


Love You, Mean It!

Awakenings… Part 6?!

Tis true, I’ve been working on it as promised… and here is a bit of what I have to show for all my hard work:

Emma placed her opened palms on either of June’s thighs, moving the bothersome material of the dress out of the way so that she could feel the warm tan colored skin underneath.  When she arrived at June’s hips, she pushed her firmly forward, making her bend slightly over the edge of the sink.  She waited as June moved the faucet all the way to the side before she continued.  She loved looking and touching June’s ass.  The way the skin was so smooth and tight, how it was so soft and could fill her hands aplenty.  Oh!  She was in heaven every time June allowed her this gift of lovemaking, these moments of fucking.  Fucking, because that was what she wanted this night.  She didn’t want to have to kiss any more tears of sadness or despair away from June’s cheeks and eyes, she didn’t want to have to console or coddle.  She wanted to re-meet the woman she had experienced a glimpse of that night she was invited up to the apartment. 

June stood on the tips of her toes, causing her rump to rear up.  She felt Emma’s hands take their time going over her ass.  She sighed, bracing her hands on the edge of the sink.  Though she wasn’t sure what Emma had in mind, in that moment she decided anything would be better than the numbness that always managed to fill her chest and her senses these days.  She closed her eyes, trying to stay in the moment when she heard a nearby drawer open and almost immediately felt cold metal against her hip.  She gasped, opening her eyes wide in terror, wondering if maybe she had been wrong about Emma all along.

“Shhhhh… don’t worry.  Relax.”  She heard Emma’s familiar voice, raspy and tight with desire.  June breathed deep, staring at the blank wall in front of her.  She felt the cold metal slip under the swatch of underwear material on her hip, then turn outward.  The pointy tip pushed into her plump hip, then sliced its way through the fabric, partially falling away, exposing her ass.  She fought the urge to reach down and grab the loose pieces and force them back together.  Instead she moaned, then sighed a deep, heavy sigh.  June felt Emma’s hand hold the material down against her hip to slice the other side.  A thrill curled inside the small of her belly and she felt faint for a moment or two.  She heard the knife clatter as it was returned to its drawer and felt Emma’s hands around her waist, urging her off the tip of her toes.  She dared not turn around until otherwise instructed.

I don’t think you guys will be disappointed in this part at all 🙂

A few more weeks and I’ll have this puppy nice and polished for you all!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments – what do you think of this excerpt?