I Don’t Say A Lot of Things…

Hi Guys…

I know – it’s way past February.

I could give you any varied and valid reasons on why it’s taken me so long to come back.


The most important thing is – I’m back, right?

Sort of.

I’m dipping my toe in as gingerly as possible.  A lot has happened in these past few months.

I still have my list of stories waiting for me to write them, I just have to get to writing them.  And I’m trying to get back on that track, so hang in there with me please 🙂

I have been experiencing Life® though… some of the sexy side of it – well entertaining a new to-me side of it.  The Daddi/Girl dynamic within the lesbian community to be exact.  It seems I have a heartfelt penchant towards it.  In other words, though I’ve never participated in it myself, I easily see how parts of my personality fit the Girl part of the dynamic.  Easily.

So, I’ve written a Daddi/Girl short.  I am still learning but I hope you all will indulge me.

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BabyGirl is in for an experience filled with new pleasures and reaching beyond her limits.

My eyes are wide with apprehension and arousal. The stern Daddi is coming out and I know there won’t be any straying from the rules. Every time I’ve managed to disobey her, she has found a way to forgive me, but tonight, will stand as my lesson.

Warning: Explicit (Butch) Daddi/(Femme) role-play sex, spanking, role-play. Trigger warning for those who have suffered sexual abuse.

Daddi’s Girl, the second in the Quick & Steamy Collection of Lesbian Erotica author Olivia M. Hamilton, offers quick, hot shorts that put readers right in the middle of the action!
CAUTION: May be too hot to handle!


It’s $1.99 – though it is a short, it is also a more hardcore material to write and definitely not for everyone.  Those who are in a Daddi/Girl lesbian dynamic will, I hope appreciate it.  Those who are curious, I hope will respect it.

Here is to writing again!  And I’m gonna be back sooner than later.


Love You, Mean It!

The Winners Are… And Other Updates

Hello Guys,

It is the end of the Grand Giveaway and I’d like to announce the winners.

Cindy Rizzo & Linda Hamonou have both won the entire 10 part series!

Congratulations!  Please email  OliviaMHamiltonAuthor (at) gmail.com for your prizes.

Thank You ladies!


This is kind of the end of my writing year.  This is generally the time that I take a break for the holidays and regroup for the coming year.  I had hoped to have published a few more goodies for you guys by now but A LOT has been happening behind the scenes.  And rather than give you mediocre writing, I made the decision to pour all of my energies into the end of the Awakening series.

What does this ultimately mean?  Lots more goodies for the coming year.  I have a whole list of writing projects lined up that I think you guys will enjoy… Right after I take a break and recoup.  I’ve been very ill these past few months, I lost a loved one in July and another loved one had to be hospitalized recently.  I’ve had my hands full to say the least.

My aim is to be back by February.  I’m not sure of the exact date – I’ll share that when I plan things out a bit more.

I want to thank you guys for another stellar year – my readers surprise me every year and I am all the better for it.

I will probably drop in every once in a while between now and February to update on things – so I will not be MIA completely.

Thank you guys for hanging in there with me!  See you in 2014!

Love You, Mean It!


Is That Right?

Hey Guys,

I am still with you all thankfully 🙂

Got an update:

The finale for the Awakenings series is completed.  I mean all written.  Cover done.  Wrapped up.

I just have edits to get through and we will be all set.

For real.

It is set for publication on November 27, 2013, in conjunction with an author interview/article on a romance website (more details in another week or so).

I do not have the blurb ready yet, but rest assured, this finale has got spicy written all over it!  ¡Caliente, Mamì!  The final love scene is four and a half pages.  I kid you not!  I had to take a shower in between the writing of it.  Brace yourselves ladies and gents!

I just wanted to drop in and tell you guys Thank You!  You are the AWESOMEST fans and have kept me so motivated throughout the writing of this series.  I’m glad that is over but sad too – Holly and June have really grown on me, as I am sure they have grown on you guys as well.

Gonna duck out again, get to my edits and get the promo for the finale on its feet.

Love You Guys, Mean It!