Awakenings, Part 5 and It’s The Weekend!!! #ian1 #amreading #amwriting #lesbian #erotica

Hey Guys!

Just checking in with some updates for this weekend:

Awakenings, Part 5 is right on schedule!  The official release is this Sunday, January 20, 2013 @ 9am EST!
That means one thing: you have one more day to enter the Giveaway – TODAY until midnight!

What Giveaway?!

The one where you can enter ONE of TWO ways:

1) The First part of the giveaway will be for the ENTIRE 5 part Awakening Series thus far!  To be eligible for this, you need to ‘Like’ my page on Facebook.

2)The Second part of the giveaway, will be for Part 5 ONLY! To be eligible for this, you need to Follow Me on Twitter and leave a comment below about anything: the name of your dog, the size of your shirt, the color of your car, your favorite Dunkin’ Donuts beverage!  Anything at all!

Good luck to those who have entered and for those who haven’t – get to it! 🙂

The winners will be posted on Monday, January 21, 2013 @ 12noon EST.

Have an awesome weekend and see you all tomorrow @ 9am!

Love You – Mean It!


Make Up Swag!!!

Hey Guys!

Fancy meeting you all here on the other side of this New Year!  I hope you all had a swell, safe time – are you ready for 2013?!



On the rare occasion that I do wear make-up, I make sure I have my make-up swag!  Lipgloss is always a girls’ bestie (next to diamonds – isn’t that what Marilyn said?).  And these are the ones I prefer!

In other news – I began writing again shortly before the New Year, like the day before and have completed part 5 of the Awakenings series – it is JUICY!  But it is currently in editing with my Beta Reader and it (and much more) will be ready by my Jan. 20, 2013 re-launch!  I will be writing part 6 shortly so I can have that ready for your guys too.

I am hoping to get Sophie: part 2 out before April – that’s the best I can promise because there is so much else in the pipelines this quarter that I am hoping I make it through!

I am so glad I decided to take this sabbatical and to reconnect with my photography and other crafts – it is food for the soul!

Onwards Guys – make this year GREAT!

And remember where you can get my books Guys 🙂
Barnes & Noble:


Love you, I mean it.


Glassed Beginnings

Hey Guys!


Photo: Close up of wine glass display @ Sur La Table Aventura, Fl.


Generally I bring in the New Year with some bubbly or spirits but that won’t be the case this year – not even a little bit of sparkling grape juice will touch these lips 🙂

But that’s okay!  There have been so many good things to celebrate within this past year that I would rather just bring the New Year in with silence and probably some meditation.  Yeah – boring for most but I do meditate to help me get more centered and write better/more.  Smut can take a lot out of a girl 😉

What have I been thankful for in 2012?!

Starting my self-publishing career in May!

Meeting some A-MAZING people in this erotic literary world.

Helping some women in knowing that it’s okay to be lesbian and to have sexual relations(hips).

Growing as a writer and an Author.

Making some modest means (and looking forward to making more in 2013!)

My Readers and supporters.

Being healthy.

Don’t want to get all sappy on here but 2012 has been pretty awesome to me and I suspect 2013 will have many wonderful surprises in store!

Be safe out there my wonderful Readers!  Have some bubbly for me and know that it’s okay to call for a cab if you can’t drive.

I love you all and I hope we make 2013 The Year of Endless Possibilities!


Love You – I mean it!