***NEW BOOK ALERT*** Her Opened Eyes: Awakenings, Part 1 (A Butch/Femme Erotic Romance)


It is done, the Awakenings series has begun – are you READY?!

June Montgomery did what all “good girls” do and got her education then set out into the city to seek out a life of fun and adventure.  But when she finds herself instead dateless, working for a clusterfuck of a boss and in a rut, she begins to question the very reason for her exisitence.  Until one day at work, things get changed up and she is left shaken and wondering at the appearance of one Holander Trudeau.

Holander Trudeau’s dark mysterious heart tries not to give anything away but something about June has her breaking all of her rules.  Will this office tryst end up like all the others or has she found a woman who can bring her down to her knees?

Warning: Explicit F/F sex, female masturbation.

Here is a snippet to whet your appetite Dears!

“Yes Ms. Trudeau?”  June poked her head into the office, leaning on the door jamb.

“June – please tell me that the systems have a back up!  I just spent the afternoon preparing for this case and I’m not sure what I pressed but I can’t seem to find my files!”  Holly was frantically pressing buttons and clicking on the mouse in exasperation.

“Um… I think we only have weekly back-ups that run during the weekends.  Unless you set your own computer to back-up nightly, the answer would be, No.”  June sat in Holly’s chair while she gave her explanation and proceeded to click through all the possible places the file could be.  She felt Holly lean in close to her, her cologne making it difficult to concentrate.

“Oh!  Wait!  This must be it – it has today’s time stamp.”  June clicked on the file and it opened.  She felt Holly exhale onto her shoulder and turned her face into a pair of warm soft lips.

At first she made as if to turn away, but when she realized Holly hadn’t backed away or gasped in surprise, she stayed put.  She felt Holly’s lips firmly kiss her back, in contrast to her own timid, unsure kiss.  She allowed herself to be led, submitting to the intrusion of an unfamiliar but welcomed tongue.  She found herself turning into Holly’s embrace, reaching to bury her fingers through the soft curls.  She arose to her feet, standing on her toes to ensure her lips stayed connected.

Medium sturdy hands snaked around her waist, pulling her in and she went, willingly.

“Ms. Trudeau… I’m sorry, I…”  A determined kiss covered her mouth, silencing any further protestations.  The two women danced an awkward dance of limbs entwining, legs moving, lips kissing.  June felt a fire ignite in her yoni, a wetness she had only known when pleasuring herself, began to seep through her panties. The clumsy dance continued to the door, which was shut by what she can only assume was Holly’s foot.  A contraction flipped in the small of her belly, causing her to whimper into Holly’s mouth, which caused her ass to be grabbed and her body to be hoisted onto the desk behind her.


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And because I am a woman of my word, here is a snippet:

“Oh…  Ohhhhh… I feel… soooo FULL!… Ahhh…”

Her top lip quivered, the tears threatening to sting her eyes again.  She breathed in staccato as she remained in the moment, happy that she had been brave enough to go this far, sublime in her feeling of being full.  A wicked smile cocked the corner of her mouth.  She licked her top lip, tasting the salt of the sweat she was working up.  Feeling near her precipice, she allowed herself to fall onto the bed, her fingers pressing further inside as the back of her hand came in contact with the pillow.  She twitched, knowing that if she did much more…

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As I type this, there is a new story in the works, I am subtitling it Firsts.  I will flesh out the title as I get into the story more and as the characters get into each other, ::cahem::, more.
So far?!  It is so much fun!  We’re talking sexual frustrations and releases of all kinds and I haven’t even introduced the second pivotal character yet!  Sexy, hot and sizzling 🙂  You guys are gonna LOVE it!!
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