Hey Guys,

Things have changed.

While initiating and setting up these new digs, I tried to come up with some way to write about these changes.  But nothing felt right, except for the truth.  So I’ll just come out with it: Things weren’t working.

When I set out as Lillian Bendover (sigh), It was totally with no intention of it becoming a “thing”.  I figured that I’d write a couple of stories, publish a few of them, be a writer for a while and then call it quits.

It wasn’t until the Awakenings series grew legs (and actually got completed), that something inside clicked and I was like, “Hmmm, I think I’ve actually got something here…”

By then it was too late… because my prior, tongue in cheek pen name, had already been out for a while.  I mean, it would be insanity to try and switch gears at that point.  Right?! So I put my nose to the grind stone and went full steam ahead.  What was the worse that could happen?

Apparently A LOT!

I was finding that my writing had mellowed down from the triple-X rated smut I had been slinging, to more of an erotic romance vibe.  And so, when I tried to get my prior pen name into places where erotic romance lived, I would unceremoniously be shown the door.  My gag name was getting in my own way.

And so, with much thought and heartache, I decided the best thing was to re-group and switch gears.

Welcome to Olivia M. Hamilton…

Olivia is grown, Olivia is sexy, Olivia is hot.

Much of, (if not all of) my prior writings have been re-packaged and switched over to my new name.  The new site will help accommodate my growth as a writer and I hope is a lot easier to navigate for my readers.

I still have some things in the works, namely:

• a possible print book edition of the Awakenings series (along with a few giveaways to kick that off)

• another series in the works, called Passions, which is a branch off of Emma’s story, post Awakenings

• reviving the Quick & Steamy collection of shorts – less story, more hot

• making my stories available directly from my site, via PDF and other formats

… and that’s just to name a few.


I hope, dear Reader, that you stay with me through this transition and that you enjoy the ride that’s ahead.  It promises to be full of surprises if nothing else.

Be sure to sign up for the Newsletter, to keep abreast of things 😉

As always,

Love you, Mean It,


I Don’t Say A Lot of Things…

Hi Guys…

I know – it’s way past February.

I could give you any varied and valid reasons on why it’s taken me so long to come back.


The most important thing is – I’m back, right?

Sort of.

I’m dipping my toe in as gingerly as possible.  A lot has happened in these past few months.

I still have my list of stories waiting for me to write them, I just have to get to writing them.  And I’m trying to get back on that track, so hang in there with me please 🙂

I have been experiencing Life® though… some of the sexy side of it – well entertaining a new to-me side of it.  The Daddi/Girl dynamic within the lesbian community to be exact.  It seems I have a heartfelt penchant towards it.  In other words, though I’ve never participated in it myself, I easily see how parts of my personality fit the Girl part of the dynamic.  Easily.

So, I’ve written a Daddi/Girl short.  I am still learning but I hope you all will indulge me.

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BabyGirl is in for an experience filled with new pleasures and reaching beyond her limits.

My eyes are wide with apprehension and arousal. The stern Daddi is coming out and I know there won’t be any straying from the rules. Every time I’ve managed to disobey her, she has found a way to forgive me, but tonight, will stand as my lesson.

Warning: Explicit (Butch) Daddi/(Femme) role-play sex, spanking, role-play. Trigger warning for those who have suffered sexual abuse.

Daddi’s Girl, the second in the Quick & Steamy Collection of Lesbian Erotica author Olivia M. Hamilton, offers quick, hot shorts that put readers right in the middle of the action!
CAUTION: May be too hot to handle!


It’s $1.99 – though it is a short, it is also a more hardcore material to write and definitely not for everyone.  Those who are in a Daddi/Girl lesbian dynamic will, I hope appreciate it.  Those who are curious, I hope will respect it.

Here is to writing again!  And I’m gonna be back sooner than later.


Love You, Mean It!


Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 9.38.29 PM

I promise I have not died.

Though with so many personal things going on, I wonder at times how I’m not in pieces.
For those who have been keeping up and keeping track, I’ve been promoting and writing and creating and promoting some more!

As extra proof, I’ve attached the print screen of part of my desk top, specifically the ending pages of Her Restored Soul: Awakenings, Part 9.

It finally has a title.  As you can also see, the entire Awakenings collection thus far is over 69k words.  Lots of juicy lovin’ scenes and some pretty intense drama.  Part 9 will not fail to deliver.

I am aiming for this coming Monday, October 7, 2013.

So hang in there with me 🙂  Part 9 will be out in about a week!

In other newsworthy endeavors – I FINALLY have dibs on www.lillianbendover.com  !

Yes, instead of wondering which blogging platform I am using now, all you’ll have to remember is my name www.lillianbendover.com and you’ll arrive at all my goodies 😉

So there has been some progress…

Other than that – let me get to wrapping up the end of Part 9 and ensuring that the cover goes off without a hitch!

You guys are awesome!

Love You, Mean It!