Is That Right?

Hey Guys,

I am still with you all thankfully 🙂

Got an update:

The finale for the Awakenings series is completed.  I mean all written.  Cover done.  Wrapped up.

I just have edits to get through and we will be all set.

For real.

It is set for publication on November 27, 2013, in conjunction with an author interview/article on a romance website (more details in another week or so).

I do not have the blurb ready yet, but rest assured, this finale has got spicy written all over it!  ¡Caliente, Mamì!  The final love scene is four and a half pages.  I kid you not!  I had to take a shower in between the writing of it.  Brace yourselves ladies and gents!

I just wanted to drop in and tell you guys Thank You!  You are the AWESOMEST fans and have kept me so motivated throughout the writing of this series.  I’m glad that is over but sad too – Holly and June have really grown on me, as I am sure they have grown on you guys as well.

Gonna duck out again, get to my edits and get the promo for the finale on its feet.

Love You Guys, Mean It!


Her Restored Soul: Awakenings, Part 9 is Now LIVE!

Hey Guys!

As promised, Her Restored Soul: Awakenings, Part 9 is now LIVE:

Awkenings Part 9

Upon hearing the news that her Mother is gravely ill, June knows nothing else but that she needs to get home to be by her dying Mother’s side.

In a twist of fate, the one person who she didn’t think would care, winds up being her Guardian Angel.  But can she trust Holly’s assistance and in doing so allow herself to love the woman who broke her resolve?

This is the ninth part of the “Awakenings” series by lesbian erotica author, Olivia M. Hamilton, and is 10,000 words long.

Warning: Explicit Butch/Femme sex

“I don’t know how to be your employee and your friend.  I don’t know how to thank you for all you’ve done because I spent so much time thinking you hated me.  I don’t know how to do this.”  The keys in June’s hand chimed again as she wiped her eyes.  Holly’s heart sank as she heard June’s whispered confession.  Could she blame her for being confused, for being hurt, for being unsure?
“I’m sorry June.  I never meant for things to be like this.  I never knew that a woman could make me be like this.  I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”  Holly crawled against the old creaky floorboards of the porch and kneeled before June, clasping her hands together and kissing the backs of them.  She felt June’s warm tears bathe her face and her remorse deepened.
“Please.  Let me…”  Holly stood barefoot in front of June and embraced the entirety of the other woman.  She pulled her into her chest and rubbed her back.  Kissing away the tears on June’s ruddy cheeks before tentatively showing reverence to the very lips she had often dreamed about tasting over these past few months.  The salt on June’s lips broke her heart with each moist encounter while the tang of the other woman’s tongue stroked her growing desire.

There is an especially juicy scene in this part that will have most trying things out… cahem…

As always, I want to Thank my Fans!  You guys are awesome for downloading my books and leaving me great reviews!!!

I’ll see you guys in about two weeks, with a new installment of the Quick & Steamy Collection!  And in about two weeks after that, the 10th and final installment of the Awakenings Series!  Hang tight – we’re almost there 🙂

Love You, Mean It!


Changes, Discounts and Updates – Oh My!

Hey Guys,

I have a lot of things for you – so grab a cup of coffee and sit a spell!

First off – Part 7 (as yet unnamed) is progressing swimmingly.  I got a really great start with all my re-plotting and such.  I have officially gotten 1003 words – in TWO freakin’ hours!  Miracle of miracles!  I only stopped cause I had to get dinner (GF pesto pasta and chicken breast – it fills my hungry spot :::shrug:::). Proof below – cause it did happen (the writing… Didn’t think to snap a shot of my food cause this is lesbian erotica, not food porn.  That’s another blog…)

The series is just over 45,000 words and will probably be way over 80,000 by the time all is said and done.  So I am very optimistic that I will have part 7 in your hands before the end of July, this year! 🙂

Second – You guys (and those of you who are new – Welcome!!!) have been showing much love for  Her Fallen Intentions: Awakenings, Part 6!

Awkenings Part 6

My UK folks have continued to surprise me and have shown massive love and I thank you, thank you!!!  Someone (bless them!) has even bought the entire series!!  I was super excited by this 🙂  To that person – I *LOVE* you! lol

Third – I promised that there were gonna be discounts – so this is where I fill you in on all the discounty goodness:

a) Smashwords has a month long promo/discount program that I have signed up ALL of my books for, EXCEPT Her Fallen Intentions: Awakenings, Part 6 AND Daddy-Oh!  Click here and you will be taken to my Author’s Page.  Click on any of my titles and you will be taken to that books page were the discount amount and the code will be shown on the upper right side.

The promo above is ONLY on Smashwords.

I didn’t include the two titles above in the discount program because, Her Fallen Intentions: Awakenings, Part 6 is new and because

b) Daddy-Oh!  has been SEVERELY DISCOUNTED to 99¢ from now until Monday July 15, 2013 @ 11:59pm across ALL eRetailers:


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So if anyone has been wanting to sample my writing or if you have a thing about 1950s women, this book would be a great time to check it out!

SHARE this info PLEASE – I’d like to Get Daddy-Oh as much press, word of mouth as possible.  If you could tweet, Facebook like my Author Page and generally spread the word, I would appreciate it.

As well, I don’t like asking but if you’ve read any of my work and loved it and wouldn’t mind leaving a review – I would appreciate it VERY much.  Honest reviews help those who are on the fence about my work to decide and hopefully buy it, which helps me!

Alright Guys, as always, I thank each and every one of you guys, your comments and the love you’ve shown me this past year.

Love You, I Mean It!,